Parliament takes measures to prevent lawmaker stress

Parliament takes measures to prevent lawmaker stress

Parliament takes measures to prevent lawmaker stress

The parliamentary administration took measures to prevent deputies from accumulating stress and tension in the General Assembly Hall of the parliament, where fierce debates and even fist-fighting took place from time to time.

Antistatic carpets were laid on the floor of the General Assembly Hall of the parliament in order to prevent tension and stress among deputies, and a copper wire grounding method was applied on the floor to prevent intense electricity in the body caused by electronic systems, daily Milliyet reported on Oct. 3.

Copper wire grounding method was applied to the ground to prevent intense electrical accumulation in the body, especially caused by electronic systems, the daily quoted Mehmet Ali Kumbuzoğlu, secretary-general of the parliament as saying.

The renewed antistatic carpets aimed to reduce the stress load of lawmakers. The rows of deputies changed to their original color, rosewood color, and were mattified so as to end the gloss disturbances caused by light.

Kumbuzoğlu explained that they made sound reinforcement in the hall and made the ventilation systems more active.

Emphasizing that in the new system, voting and polling will work with a closed-circuit system, Kumbuzoğlu said, “Voting, polling and all speech systems will activate the mechanism by entering fingerprints and pin codes.”

A ventilation unit was placed on the deputies’ rows, just like in cars, to support the ventilation system of the General Assembly in order for deputies to relax by getting more intense oxygen.

It is stated that this measure also aims to prevent deputies from going to sleep unintentionally due to the decrease in the quality of the air in the General Assembly and the lack of oxygen, especially during long-term studies.

On the other hand, measures were taken by removing drawers in the hall against the method of making noise by pulling and pushing the drawers, which deputies frequently resort to, apart from hitting the desk covers during protests.