Parliament speaker for renewed Constitution negotiations

Parliament speaker for renewed Constitution negotiations

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Parliament speaker for renewed Constitution negotiations

New charter is the main concern, says Parliament Speaker Çiçek. AA photo

Parliament Speaker Cemil Çiçek said that Turkish political parties should immediately make their decisions and determine the main points of negotiation in forming a new Constitution.

In his official visit to Parliament’s television channel, Çiçek said the writing of the new Constitution was Parliament’s chief and prioritized topic. Recalling that Parliament had recently been busy with budget talks, Çiçek said the Constitution was in fact the chief concern in both local and foreign public view.

Current Constitution can’t answer today’s questions

“Both before the elections and in the process that follows the elections, the four parties need to work together to fulfill their promises of a new Constitution. Turkey really needs a renewed Constitution and a great majority of the problems we are suffering right now are a direct cause of the present Constitution, such as the immunity issue and the imprisoned deputies,” he said. “The [current] Constitution cannot answer the questions of the day. Without being properly balanced and upgraded, this Constitution’s philosophy does not comply with today’s necessities. Turkey cannot walk on its path with such a Constitution,” he said.

Çiçek said that as this was a general consensus, the need for a new Constitution should not be delayed.

“We have made a program, but unfortunately we are now slightly behind with it. We have to finish writing the new Constitution as soon as possible, as time is running against us. This is because after a certain point in 2013, Turkey will start to focus on the upcoming elections,” he said.