Over 20 detained in FETÖ ops in nine provinces

Over 20 detained in FETÖ ops in nine provinces

Over 20 detained in FETÖ ops in nine provinces

Some 21 FETÖ suspects have been apprehended in simultaneous operations held in nine provinces across the country.

Early on July 19, the prosecutor’s Office in the capital Ankara issued detention warrants for 34 FETÖ suspects, including 22 people in the investigation of the FETÖ’s public structure, and 12 in the deputy commissioner examination investigation from 2007.

“22 suspects, 13 of whom are on duty, one is retired and eight are dismissed, contacted the terrorist organization via operational GSM lines,” the office said in a statement.

The office gave the detention order “after obtaining various evidence about 22 suspects, such as witness statements showing their membership and affiliation with the organization, bank statements, payroll/sequential/periodic searches, ByLock correspondence.”

The other 12 suspects were identified within the scope of the “2007 exam for the transition from police officer to deputy commissioner” conducted by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Terrorist Crimes Investigation Bureau.

Suspects are charged with taking the exam questions accessed by FETÖ members and becoming deputy commissioners.

Late on July 19, security officers announced that some 21 suspects were detained in nine provinces.

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