Over 12,000 ‘dangerous dogs’ registered across Turkey

Over 12,000 ‘dangerous dogs’ registered across Turkey

Over 12,000 ‘dangerous dogs’ registered across Turkey

More than 12,000 dogs considered to be “dangerous” have been registered with microchips, Demirören News Agency has reported, as a nationwide debate that was sparked recently over the fate of stray animals and dangerous-breed dogs continues.

“As of Jan. 13, the number of registered dangerous dogs has reached 12,100. The number was around 5,000 the day before,” the agency said based on data obtained from the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry.

The owners of dog species like pit bulls, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentina, Fila Brasileiro, and American Staffordshire terrier, which are considered “dangerous,” had to inform the officials, due to the animal protection law, that came into force on July 14, 2021.

The last day for registration is Jan. 14.

Istanbul became the province with the highest number, with more than 2,700 “dangerous dogs” registered. The capital Ankara and the western province of İzmir followed Istanbul with around 1,400 registrations.

“The owners will take out these dogs for walks only with these registration documents and muzzles,” Kemal Koranel, a lawyer, told the agency. Those who do not obey this rule will get a fine of 11,000 Turkish Liras ($810).

According to local reports, some of the owners in Istanbul started abandoning these dangerous dogs in forests and rural regions, rather than informing officials.

“Those detected abandoning their animals will be fined 30,000 Turkish Liras [$2,210],” Koranel added.

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