Over 100 operations conducted on organized crime rings

Over 100 operations conducted on organized crime rings

Over 100 operations conducted on organized crime rings

Turkish police last year launched a total of 176 operations against 101 organized crime rings, detaining nearly 2,400 suspects.

Those operations carried out by the police force’s smuggling and organized crime unit in 46 province, targeted mafia-like groups.

Of those detained, 891 suspects were arrested and sent to prison. In the previous year, 2,305 suspects were apprehended, 748 of them were arrested in such 174 operations.

Some 49 public officials were among the suspects, who were detained over their connection to the organized crime groups.

Most of the operations – 25 - took place in Istanbul, Ankara came second at 17, and Ankara was followed by the southern province of Adana at 14.

Separately, last year also nearly 6,200 operations were conducted against financial crimes, including tender rigging, forgery of documents, tax dodging, usury, and aggravated fraud.

More than 17,000 suspected were detained and around 1,100 of them were arrested in those operations.

Officials seized 936 million Turkish Liras that the suspects made through illegal means. Moreover, $1.3 million counterfeit banknotes were discovered. Counterfeiters’ favorite fake money appeared to be the $100 banknotes as well as 50 euros and 100 liras banknotes.

Some 451 vehicles belonging to those criminals were also seized.

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