Orphan bear cub not to be released into nature

Orphan bear cub not to be released into nature

Orphan bear cub not to be released into nature

Many injured and sick wild animals are under treatment at the Van Yüzüncü Yıl University’s (YYU) Wild Animal Protection and Rehabilitation Center.

Center Director Professor Lokman Aslan said that they took great care of a bear cub, which was separated from its mother in mid-April and brought to the center for treatment, and that they would not release it into the wild.

“Bear cubs learn to survive, to live in nature from their mothers. Since this orphaned baby bear does not have such a chance, we will not release it into nature. We will create an environment for it to live here.”

Stating that the center has been treating injured and sick wild animals for the last 22 years and that they leave those animals back in their habitats when their treatment ends, Aslan said that there are a wide variety of wild animals in the area.

“There has been an increase in the brown bear population that has come to us in recent years. The reason is that the bears get injured in traffic accidents when searching for food in dumps on roadsides. Four bear cubs got injured in a traffic accident, and a cub that left the habitat came to the center,” he said.

The cub, which was found by people in the Çukurca district of Hakkari last month, was sent to the YYU Wild Animal Protection and Rehabilitation Center. The staff there treated and cared for the cub, which became the mascot of the center and received many visitors.

Aslan stated that they left the cub in the same area 24 hours later after its first treatment and observed it for five days.

“Although the cub made a noise to find its mother, it could not find her. We tried everything for this cub not to end up an orphan, but we could not get any results,” he said.

Later, the cub was named “Haçuvan,” using the abbreviations of Hakkari, Çukurca and Van.

“Haçuvan will stay with us until it grows up. We will create its entire habitat. We will provide all the necessary support for its welfare. Bear families live in various places in the Van Lake Basin. From now on, injured animals will continue to come. This place needs a bear shelter.”