Stockholm syndrome and enslaved eagle

Stockholm syndrome and enslaved eagle

We’ve been talking about it all the time. Among Turkish Cypriots, many suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, especially among those who claim to be leftists. 

In how many novels, plays and films do we see that the victims of violence or hostages develop understanding or even emotional connection to those who have committed violence against them or enslaved them? 

For instance, there is a trade unionist who receives a very high salary every month from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), the budget of which has contributions from Turkey besides local resources. Because he’s a trade unionist, he receives his salary every month without teaching even for one day.  Then what does this unionist do? He strives to serve the Greek Cypriot leadership ignoring the fact that it was that same political leadership that in 1963, 1965, 1967 and 1974 has repeatedly unleashed genocidal pogroms targeting the Turkish Cypriots. In every speech, he attacks the TRNC and Turkey.

Unfortunately, many TRNC citizens are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Until yesterday, the friend who sat in the presidency also suffered from this same disease. He forgot that he was chosen to protect the interests of his people. He turned to find a solution that the Greeks could accept. The result? The electorate buried his political future in the ballot box.

There are a lot of politicians in this group. A political party, the so-called “Hodja,” seemed as if it was founded to serve this purpose. Is there not a large group within another political party that has a greater sense of commitment to a political group on the Greek side than their own party? Unfortunately, we see this syndrome among writers, artists, intellectuals and many civil society activists as well.

Of course, wherever it comes from, interventions, especially in domestic politics, should be objected to. It is tragicomic to complain that Turkey did this to welcome even far worse actions of the Greek Cypriot leadership, the European Union and western governments.

It is a common perception that efforts to form a government in the TRNC have taken a very long period. It would be nice if it was not during the pandemic, but it happens in democracies, and that’s normal. 

Recently, a friend of mine posted a story on social media called “Enslaved eagle.” It’s a very interesting story. We know about the claims for the federal solution, which the two sides on Cyprus have been officially making since 1977. On every occasion, the Greek Cypriots have repeatedly rejected it. Obviously, it is not necessarily the only solution model. Yet, some people say federation is the only way to reach a settlement. It is a version of enslaved eagle mentality.

According to some Turkish Cypriots’ leftist friends, whatever the Greek Cypriots do is good, whereas whatever decision that is taken by the Turkish Cypriot leadership is considered bad. A two-state solution, which had never been discussed before, was a target impossible to achieve, according to these people. 

Let me tell the story of an enslaved eagle. A group of chickens goes to an eagle’s nests to steal its egg.  These chickens bring the eagle egg to the henhouse and put it next to the other eggs. 

One day, the eggs hatch and from the large egg comes a strange chick with black wings and an interesting beak. 

Black “chick” and other chicks are trained as chickens by the mother chicken. Like others, the black chick learns how to eat worms, bugs and avoid dangers.

One day the black chick sees a giant black bird flying in the sky and runs to the mother chicken in fear. The mother chicken tells her black chick that the big black bird is a dangerous predator eagle.

The black chick was very envious of the eagle flying in the sky with its big wings like its own. But he was a chicken who cannot fly. 

From that day on, the little black chicken sadly watched eagles gloriously flying in the sky for the rest of his life, with each time making a wish, “I wish I could be an eagle and fly.”

And one day, the big chicken with long black wings dies, gushing over the splendor of eagles.

Categorically omitting a two-state solution or other solution alternatives is very similar to this story. With the manipulations and brainwashing of the Greek side, Turkish Cypriots suffering from Stockholm syndrome have developed a prejudice that the Turkish Cypriot state will never be recognized. It’s probably not a big deal to die watching flying eagles over our heads. Maybe we can fly as well. Let’s just have a try!