Who fabricated this sexual fantasy?

Who fabricated this sexual fantasy?

Turkish daily newspaper Sabah on March 11 published the “police statement” given by “Kabataş daughter-in-law” Zehra Develioğlu, the woman who claimed to have been attacked and harassed by a group of Gezi Park protesters in Istanbul’s Kabataş district on June 1, 2013.

In the statement, she does not refer at all to the “half-naked, bandana-wearing, leather pants and leather gloves-wearing group of 60 to 70 men.

There are serious differences between what she told the police and what she told journalist Elif Çakır from daily Star.

The highlights of the police statement are as follows:

-    Protestors with posters and flags started bullying me near the phone box. They were pointing at me and saying, “Look at her.” I quickly moved away. While I was crossing the street, they attacked a headscarf wearing woman and I think her father.

-    While I was waiting for my husband, a group with women and men approached me from the right. A woman in front of the group wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt and light blue jeans lifted off my headscarf and cursed loudly. A man next to me then slapped me. Because I had the stroller with me I could not see his appearance. I fell on my back and was quickly surrounded by the crowd. They started insulting, spitting and kicking me. Someone else was shaking the stroller and my baby daughter was jumping up and down. I could not escape and get to my daughter, so I crouched on the ground with my head down. I was not able to open my eyes and raise my head.

-    Three or four people peed on me. A woman was shouting, “Pee on her headscarf.” I tried to crawl away from them but I couldn’t.

Now, I want to learn this: Who made up the lie about 60 to 70 half-naked men wearing leather pants, gloves and bandanas? To whom does this sexual fantasy belong? Why did he or she make up this lie, what was the purpose?

Isn’t there a prosecutor left in the country who is curious about the answers to these questions?
On the other hand, Zehra Develioğlu’s statement and reality do not match:

-    Why did she not hand her clothes and headscarf that were peed on into the police as evidence? Has she never watched films or heard about anything called DNA?

-    Why did she not check into an emergency room immediately? If she was beaten this way, she must have been seriously injured. Where is the doctor’s report verifying the physical marks on the person after such an attack? 

-    Why didn’t the police who took this statement send her to a hospital for a report?

-    Why did she not mention, in her statement to the police, the grandfather and the grandson who were beaten up mercilessly while they were trying to help her?

-    As she did not mention this to the police, who made up this lie? Zehra Develioğlu or Elif Çakır? Why did they need to make up such a lie?

The city camera records of the incident do not show the existence of the type of crowd or attack described by her. Let’s imagine Sabah’s story is true and the camera images of the critical 52 seconds have been lost, and whatever took place happened during these 52 seconds.

It would be good for the police to conduct a crime scene investigation and exercise. Could such an attack take place in 52 seconds?

The attackers would pee on and beat up the woman, all the while drinking their beers. They would also target the baby and also beat up a grandfather with his grandchild.

Even a lie should have some logic...

I had thought they would stop repeating this lie. I thought it had caused enough shame already, even if you don’t care too much about shame.