Is witch hunt spreading to the military?

Is witch hunt spreading to the military?

The claim that 50 generals, one of them a force commander, were “members of the parallel structure” was first refuted by the President and then the Chief of General Staff. The Office of the Prime Minister also denied the claim that they had “formed a special team to inspect the parallel structure in the military.”

This story was published at the daily Akşam. This paper had been bought by Ethem Sancak, one of those “balcony friends” of the prime minister. It is quite obvious that this story would not have been published without the permission; moreover, without the order of the prime minister.

The person managing the paper was a deputy of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) last term.

The fact that he is occupying that position is not an issue that could be thought without the approval of the prime minister. He held that position even at the interim management before the sale.

For this reason we can call this paper “semi-official.” It is not possible for a story that the prime minister and his team do not like to be printed in this paper.

Serpil Çevikcan from daily Milliyet wrote a story after she “talked to military sources.” It is not too difficult to guess that the military sources are top level generals. From that story we learn that the atmosphere dominating the Chief of Staff Headquarters was that this claim was “the preparation of a second conspiracy against the military.”

Before the Supreme Military Council (YAS), we understand that a “parallel structure suspicion” was being created among the command echelon and generals so that their retirement and promotion decisions would be affected.

The first “conspiracy” was formulated by initiatives such as the Balyoz (sledgehammer) and spying cases and came from the community called the “parallel structure,” is the joint belief of many people.
The plotter of this “second” conspiracy, in this case, should be considered as the government.

From Çevikcan’s story, we learn that, before YAS, in the Office of the Prime Minister inspections were already being carried out regarding appointments and promotions. Thus this year’s inspections were also carried out over the “community connection” that the prime minister has declared a total war against.

It is indeed not possible to think that the community which has been trying to hold places in the various tiers of the state would have left the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) outside its field of interest.
There is only one meaning of this which is trying to be pumped by pro-government dailies: The witch-hunt conducted against the community is trying to be spread to the army also.

Kudos to İnanır and Kural

Turkey’s need for human organs is 10 times more than the organ transplants occurring today. There are several reasons for the unwillingness of the citizens on the matter of organ transplant.

Especially religious reasons are an important obstacle; the head of the Religious Affairs Directorate issues statements from time to time to eliminate the doubts of society on this matter. Several campaigns have been held to raise awareness among the population on organ donation, but it is still below the desired level.

For this reason, I want to emphasize the significance of the artist couple, Kadir İnanır and Jülide Kural, for donating their organs.

It is seen all over the world the benefits of those people who stand out with their artistic identities in the society to take part in such social projects.

While I congratulate İnanır and Kural for their initiative, I also want to draw the attention of other celebrities of our country to this issue.