Goodbye to stability if AKP is to win

Goodbye to stability if AKP is to win

Not a day goes by without a public opinion poll being published in the pro-government media and according to their claim, the Justice and Development Party has 47 percent of the votes.

Unbiased research does not validate this information but they don’t mind!

The aim is to manipulate the voter, and in this endeavor, they excel.

One of these media explains the AKP’s 47 percent support by saying the electorate want stability.
I could not refrain from laughing when I read this.

Because if the AKP gets the majority as it dreams to do, Turkey will be faced with a heavy regime debate rather than stability.

We will be entangled for a long while on debates about a new constitution and a new system.

If Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) are to remain below the threshold, a parliament with a significant amount of unrepresented votes will be make a constitution that will change the system.

We cannot foresee the consequences of the tension resulting from these debates, but we can say society will become extremely tense.

Then we will be facing a referendum on the constitution.

If the constitution changes in accordance with the wishes of the AKP, then we will have to go to the ballot box again this time to elect a parliament and a president according to the new constitution.

A period of rising political tensions and upset economic balances due to economic policies conducted for an electoral victory awaits us.

Stability? Nonsense.

Forget flying, Turkey won’t even be able to walk

According to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the reason Turkey cannot “fly” is the parliamentary system.

If Turkey’s government changes into presidential system, no one can stand in front of it, claims Erdoğan.

Another columnist from daily Hürriyet, Taha Akyol, published information provided to him by the head of Higher Education Board (YÖK). The head of YÖK gave numbers about education in the sciences.

The situation is terrible.

The number of students who opted to study biology in university decreased from 7,000 to 1,242 in the period between 2010 and 2014.

In the same period those who chose physics dropped from 3,000 to 447, chemistry from 7,000 to 1,366 and mathematics from 9,000 to 3,547.

Looking at these numbers, we can say this: No one should be surprised if Turkey was to become unable even to walk, never mind to fly!

Nothing can advance without progress in the sciences.

Behind all discoveries, explorations and all kinds of progress lies a solid education in the sciences.
Why do the students refrain from choosing these departments?

The reason is very simple: The job opportunities are very limited and the state has no educational and employment policies on this issue.

The only thing that comes to the mind of a government in power alone for 12 years is to increase the number of imam hatips [religious vocational high schools].

That is why the number of those becoming educated in the sciences is dropping as well as the quality of Turkey’s scientific research. Turkey does not produce scientific information.

It is not possible for such a country to get out of the middle income trap. It is also impossible to carry on this situation for a long time.

But who cares? The only search only thing that matters currently is to establish a one-man rule.

Tea for the emperors at the palace

Some opponents are talking about the thousand rooms in the (presidential) palace, the cost of the tea glasses, the number of animals being looked after, etc. Yet it seems the life in the palace is very modest.

As I learned from Ayşe Olgun’s hugely researched article in Yeni Şafak’s Sunday edition: “The kitchen of the presidential palace is very modest. In fact, it doesn’t differ from traditional kitchens of Anatolia. The tables set only with a soup, salad and a main course are only augmented when there are guests,” according to Şafak.

But according to the same article, they also consume white tea from Rize, sold at a 4 thousand Turkish Liras a kilo!