We will also be in trouble when Israel strikes Iran

We will also be in trouble when Israel strikes Iran

We are busy with our own issues. Thus, we cannot observe in the real sense what is going on around us. I have come to New York for a few days and my first job was to get a feel of the pulse of the United Nations. For this reason, instead of gossiping in domestic politics, I want to share a terrifying piece of news with you.

The development that bothers Washington the most is that Israel is preparing to bomb Iran’s nuclear center in the coming months. The Obama administration is extremely tense about the probability of experiencing such a development before the presidential elections in November.

A White House official said a countdown has begun, explaining, “We know that Israel will not allow Iran to possess nuclear weapons. It is extremely difficult to stop them.” The same source also said, “Iran is roofing its nuclear production unit and strengthening it against bombing. Israel believes this construction will be completed by the New Year and after this, an armed intervention would be impossible. Because of this, they are preparing.”

The same source who pointed out that there was a very wrong perception that Israel would never stop following Washington’s advice, said the Netanyahu government did not trust Obama and thus there were concerns that there were plans to strike before the election: “In the case that they strike before elections, they calculate that Obama will not be able to move. If Obama is elected after the elections, they state that it would be more difficult for them.

At this stage, nobody knows when and how Israel will strike. Even though concerns are increasing, nobody can make Israel listen to advice.

It is good to be prepared.

 Turkey and the region will be affected extensively
- Israel’s bombing of Iran’s nuclear center will bring developments whose consequences are not easy to calculate in the region. In such a probability, Iran will certainly reciprocate and Israel will be under a missile shower.

- It will be Washington who will first rush to help Israel.

- In this case, the supporters and opponents of the United States will be forced to pick their sides and take a stance accordingly.

- Turkey will not be able to stay entirely neutral in such a clash. However, it will be in a full-scale dilemma on which side to hold. Will it just criticize Israel with harsh statements? In case the United States succeeds activating the UN Security Council to impose sanctions against Iran, then what stance will it take?

Whatever step Israel will take will, most probably, connect the triangle of Iran, Iraq and Syria more to each other. They will absolutely have Russia’s and China’s support behind them.

Imagine Turkey’s situation. It is very difficult to act hesitantly in this case. Midway diplomacy is almost impossible.

For example, will it turn its back to Washington and support the Iran-Syria-Iraq triangle? Or will it move in just the opposite direction with the United States and Israel?

It is out of the question to get anywhere with the Iran-Iraq-Syria triangle. To walk with the Washington-Tel Aviv duo will be contradicting policies conducted up to this day, thus meaning the popularity of Ak party to fall in many Arab country streets.

The side effects of such confusion will be the eruption of a Palestine war, Egypt being pulled into the war and even Lebanon getting involved.

This is what is being feared. Including Turkey, the entire region may be smeared in blood.