The old order in sports to be tried in this case

The old order in sports to be tried in this case

It has been tagged the “the match-fixing case.” If you review the media news, there is an atmosphere as if it is only Fenerbahçe President Aziz Yıldırım who is being tried at Silivri Courthouse near Istanbul.

In fact, it is not only allegations against the Fenerbahçe president that are going to be tried in this case. They might not be aware of it, but this case tries all the presidents of football clubs.

This judgment will be made by the public opinion. Frankly, an order is going to be judged.

The relationships among those who rule the football clubs, their conversations and their general approach to problems will be scrutinized. Hundreds of pages of recorded wiretaps will be read by everyone and a judgment will be made on these ill-bred approaches among the presidents as well as their extremely trite chats.

It will be crystal clear that our football world is in the wrong hands.

With high probability this order will break down.

[HH] Aspects where Aziz Yıldırım is right
In his statement the other day, Yıldırım pointed out some very important aspects.
What is topping the list is that he has been waiting to appear before the court for eight months and that before the indictment was finished, all of the charges were leaked to the media. Yıldırım has drawn attention to the wound that is necrotizing in our judicial system. Detention periods lasting months, maybe years for some, and lynching by the media. Can there be a bigger torture or injustice than this? Let alone living under arrest for eight months without knowing anything, add the charges that have been leaked to the media, this all adds up to being sentenced to the capital punishment in the eyes of the public. Yıldırım too was dragged through the mud before he even appeared in front of the judge.

For me, Aziz Yıldırım is a president who has contributed a lot to the Fenerbahçe club. I am waiting with much curiosity for the responses he will give to the indictment. I am among those who want him to be acquitted and freed.

Fenerbahçe did not deserve this.

[HH] Başbuğ should as well be protected
The ruling party has seen the lacunae in laws and has filled it. They are issuing a law where permission from the prime minister becomes a prerequisite for all investigations to be launched against the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) Undersecretary Hakan Fidan.

Which is the right thing to do.

It should be up to the prime minister to decide whether an investigation is carried out against a person who is heading such an important corporation.

The same condition should also be valid for chiefs of General Staff.

As much as Hakan Fidan’s position is sensitive, former Chief of General Staff İlker Başbuğ also occupied a similarly sensitive position. Permission must also be required from the prime minister.

As the justice minister told columnist Taha Akyol, the new law should cover chiefs of General Staff as well as force commanders.

What I’m trying to say is this is an approach related to the state.

The state appoints certain people on top of some institutions and demands them to perform some important duties. A major part of the duties demanded is performed even though they carry major risks. Those on top of the state and the government also work in cooperation with these people. Next?
Next, the judiciary takes them to court, saying, “No, what you did was wrong.”

In this likelihood, the state and the government would not leave these people alone, they should not.
This is the aspect I’m trying to draw attention to.