Mega Kurdish state is being founded

Mega Kurdish state is being founded

Others have mentioned this topic before me. But that is not important, I want to reiterate and draw your attention again.

Developments in Syria are shifting in different directions. The scenario I am talking about may not come true, but if it does we will be crying over spilt milk. I am quite angry at those who do not see where things are heading. This is not acceptable. What we have been fearing for years will actually happen because of our incompetence and because of our small thinking.

Let me explain.

Nobody knows to what extent this is true, but according to reports coming from both the opposition forces and observers, Bashar al-Assad is gradually giving up the fight in those regions close to the Turkish border. He is withdrawing his present forces toward Damascus and obviously he prioritizes the protection of Damascus, his presidential palace, and consequently himself and his family.

Reports are also coming through that Syrians of Kurdish origin are hoping to fill this vacuum. Kurds cannot find a better opportunity. They may or may not succeed, but they will surely want to make use of this opportunity.

Well, this is Turkey’s biggest fear: Kurds in Iraq and Syria acting together and gradually turning themselves into one unit. In the future they may annex other “sections” in Turkey and Iran and form a “Greater Kurdistan.”

Such developments are unfolding in the region and boundaries are so slippery that big sentences like “it will not happen,” or “we will not let it happen” cannot be uttered.

This kind of a thing could indeed happen and Turkey might just as well fall short of intervening.
Then, what are we going to do? Open war?

We should open our eyes, or we will break up
What do we do against all these developments? What would a smart society do?

Would it not see the bigger picture, understand where the incidents are heading, and try to solve the issue within its own land to avoid separation? Here is the most essential question: What effort are we making to solve our own Kurdish issue, to comfort our own citizens of Kurdish origin?

Like the janissary band, two steps forward, one step backward.

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) did not only take two steps, but three or four steps forward. Then it stopped. As a matter of fact, we had high hopes. We were aware that the separation of the country could have been prevented if the issue was reduced to “habitable” levels.

We have seen the dangers of reducing the issue to simply terror and the fight against PKK and to stay there permanently.

Either we are completely wrong or the government does not see the bigger picture. It assumes that it can lead anywhere with stances similar to that of the Interior Minister İdris Naim Şahin. It is not making use of the opportunities that have arrived, in order not to lose any votes to the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

Because of small political calculations, we are losing a major cause. Either that or the government is playing such a marvelous chess game that none of us can understand.

If so, be sure that I am ready to apologize. If not, then I will continue to cry out that my country is being pushed to division step by step and that those responsible should be held accountable.

Let’s see who will be proved right.