Kandil will lay down arms, Ankara will open politics

Kandil will lay down arms, Ankara will open politics

Apparently, there are some new moves… Otherwise, Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay would not have given messages that something is happening in his interview on CNN Türk, he is a serious person. Or Mehmet Altan and Avni Özgürel would not have shared the impressions they gathered from several centers including Kandil (Mountain) so wholeheartedly.

As far as I know, there is a preparation for a scenario where again the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) is leading, and this time where Barzani has a more effective role, one which Washington supports. Especially, when you add the main opposition Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) recent initiative to this process, then the color changes.

Let’s not assume that a solution will be reached overnight by looking at these developments. Obviously, a new process is beginning.

There are a couple of aspects I would like to highlight.

First, the need for the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), to evaluate this process differently this time. Instead of the resistance they exerted up until today, it is inevitable that they come up with a new approach.

 - It is a must that arms are laid down and negotiations based on arms are left aside.

 - There is no way out but to abandon the attempts to found a Kurdistan.

There are aspects Ankara needs to take into consideration.

 - You have to clear the obstacles to politics. To be able to do this, start from the Constitution, including the election threshold; there is no other way but to take all kinds of precautions.

 - However difficult it may be, a general amnesty is inevitable. There is no other way to prevent PKK terror.

If I need to summarize, here it is: Kandil will lay down arms; Ankara will clear the obstacles in politics.
I have one last warning: That is, if you are really after a solution, please do not talk unnecessarily.

When we take a closer look at previous tries and non-achievements, we always come across “excessiveness in giving statements.” Just say what is needed; that is enough. When you talk too much, you make mistakes. Each mistake provokes the other side; it increases misunderstandings.

Whoever speaks too much, whoever posts secret information or records of secret meetings, then it is that side that does not want a solution.

Why should we pay?
Prominent businessman Rahmi Koç has obviously had a fanatic spell momentarily. He told journalists that if donations to football club Beşiktaş were exempt from tax, then the club would be saved from the disastrous financial situation it is suffering today and quite a high amount of money would be collected.
First, a question: Who are the real responsible parties who have caused millions of euros of damage to the club? Then the second question: Why should the supporters today pay for their incompetence? Why would they not pay for their own mistakes?

I really pity the current president Fikret Orman. He both took over a wreck, and he cannot hold the real responsible persons accountable.

It is time for sports clubs to select proper presidents and monitor the expenses.