Hrant Dink murdered again

Hrant Dink murdered again

There are some verdicts that make you say, “Well, they have got their deserts.” There are some verdicts that make you say, “Wow, this is not happening.”

With all due respect to our judiciary, everyone has seen what kind of reaction the verdict on the Hrant Dink case has received. The cry echoing from the public should be taken into consideration. 

The judiciary has rejected the claim that this murder was planned and executed by a group. It seems that two children playing cards once said to each other, “Come on, let’s go to Istanbul and kill this Armenian.” They wandered around and when they came across Hrant in front of Agos newspaper one of them pulled the trigger. 

What a pity. 

The verdict that the court reached, I am sure, is even being laughed at by the crows. 

How could they not? Wasn’t it understood before and during the case that the state knew that Hrant was going to be killed? 

The preparations, the place where the gun was bought, the place where shooting practice was done, who the possible candidates to pull the trigger were and who the instigator was – the gendarmerie, directors of security departments, even the governor knew. They even warned Hrant. But they did not protect him. 

When the same judiciary that arrests and drags people through the mud for months because they have hung a poster, or stigmatizes as terror organizations those protests where three people gather, all of a sudden, decides that there was no organization in the Hrant murder, what can you say? 

This verdict can only be changed by the Supreme Court of Appeals. 

The state should also start acting. The state must start an investigation for those civil servants who have sheltered the criminals, who have not fulfilled their responsibilities and who had a share in the murder of Hrant Dink. 

Hrant Dink’s case should not be left unsolved. Hrant did not deserve this. 

Or do we deem this treatment suitable for him because he is an Armenian? 

Is Turkey US’ controller in the region? 

The Global Relations Forum (GIF) was formed two years ago in 2009. It is a well-regarded think tank made up of political, business, science and art circles. Most importantly, their reports are not prepared on ideological basis; they have a completely impartial approach. 

Their latest report was prepared under the co-presidency of Füsun Türkmen and Yavuz Canevi, with Gözde Küçük as project director and with experts on the subject such as Hanzade Boyner, Gökhan Çetinsaya, Memduh Karakullukçu, Sönmez Köksal, Umran S. Inan, Sami Kohen and Özdem Sanberk. Its topic is Turkish-American relations and it studies developments past and present. 

I recommend this report because it is indefinite where the region is heading. Total confusion is experienced. The Arab Spring has disappeared. A harsh winter has replaced it. The United States has left Iraq. Iran has an increased appetite. It looks like Bashar al-Assad has reinforced his position in Syria.

The only country that can lead a stable life is Turkey.

During the meeting at which the report was publicized, many striking impressions were shared. Primary among these was the recent warm approach of Washington toward Turkey and the fact that this relationship has developed into its most positive form of late. 

The question is whether Turkey wishes to be molded into becoming the U.S.’ new supervisor, or controller, in the region.

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