The ‘f-word’ means ‘foot’ in constitutional terms

The ‘f-word’ means ‘foot’ in constitutional terms

Burhan Kuzu, who is the head of the Parliamentary Constitutional Commission and an Istanbul deputy for the Justice and Development Party (AKP), replied by writing “F…” (in Turkish “ha ..s..”) on Twitter to RedHack (a Turkish hacker group) that sent a message to him “You are following porn accounts.”

Just to make things clear, I am not shortening Mr. Kuzu’s reply; he has written it with dots in between, like the English equivalent “F… off”

Well, dear reader, what does this “F... off” mean?

Excuse me?

What did you say?

Wow, that’s scandalous! You can only think of evil…

Kuzu has already explained what he meant by “F… off” when he saw that it was misunderstood. Here is his explanation:

“Yesterday, an individual [referring to RedHack] used hard words against me. And I, as a reply to him, wrote ‘F… off’ meaning ‘My foot.’ They even understood it as a curse and attacked me.”
When a mighty Constitution professor wrote “F… off” of course he would mean “[my] Foot,” what else could he possibly mean?

Heavy swearing

Besides, he is the person who has made an individual application to the Constitutional Court, saying he has been subject to several accounts of heavy swearing and wanted Twitter to be closed down.

We know that he is abstaining from heavy swearing from the language he uses. As one of his followers, I also know that he generally calls those who make him angry “jerks!”

In addition to jerks, he also calls them “dirt” and “damaged” and I have also seen him start “character” debates.

Coherent politician

Kuzu is a politician of our time and he is quite “coherent.”

He has been a deputy, a member of Parliament for three terms, but he is able to complain that “This parliamentarian system has made us suffer a lot.”

 For example, in 2008, when the debate of “Will the freedom for headscarves be extended to other places such a high schools?” was ongoing, he answered, “We cannot meet every demand.

Homosexuals also insist on their demands for equality and the right to marry. Are we going to give it to them because they want it? We need to act within the responsibility of a government,” an answer that made him hit the peak of homophobia. He later defended himself, “Come on, there is no relevance to that in those words.”

 He is such a valuable politician, a thinker, “Constitutionator,” a Twitter phenomenon.  

Own photo in gilded frame

Let alone everything else, a scene caught my attention last week when he was answering questions about his individual application to the Constitutional Court.

Behind the desk of Mr. Kuzu, there was a photograph of himself with a gilded frame.

There is no one else in this mortal world that would inspire more confidence in me than a politician who exhibits his own photo in his office in a gilded frame.

Just for this reason, I believe in Mr. Kuzu’s sincerity.

If he has said, “F… off” he definitely must have meant “Foot.”

For those who do not believe me, I would also like to say, F… off”, in other words, “Foot…”