God forbid, children were going to have fun!

God forbid, children were going to have fun!

One of the most prestigious educational institutions in Turkey, the Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi (Kadıköy Anatolian High School) on Istanbul’s Asian side, founded in 1955, had been planning to organize a music festival that was cancelled. The festival, named “Kalfest,” has been held since 1999. 

In news reports on the cancellation of the festival there are a number of “amusing” features worth looking at. After the Kadıköy District Education Directorate cancelled the festival, students reportedly witnessed the director adopting an “insulting tone,” telling them: “We know very well what is going on there. You cannot hide anything from us. I will not allow it. If there’s an argument you can make us believe, you’re free to present it. But from now on, no state school will be able to do such a thing [organize a festival].” 
Students told the media that they tried to persuade the director but failed. 

‘What’s cooking?’ 

The key sentence is: “We know very well what is going on there.” 

If the festival had been permitted, do you know what would have happened in this festival of an educational institute that has raised well-educated, intellectual, self-confident citizens? 

For example, MFÖ - standing for the names of the band members Mazhar, Fuat and Özkan, a very popular Turkish pop and rock band performing since the 1980s – would have hit the stage. Good God. How could this be allowed to happen?  

For example, young people attending the festival may have listened to songs by Cem Adrian. This would have  constituted a stark threat to national security. This issue must be brought to the table at the next National Security Council meeting.

For example, the Turkish alternative rock band Gripin would have taken to the stage. Could there be any worse disaster than this? Birol and his friends could have performed their song “Böyledir Kahpe Dünya” (This is How This Cruel World Goes). They could have asked the audience through their lyrics: “Are you as lonely as everyone else? Do you believe that your slight tremble is because of the cold? You’re at a strange age and you’re aware of everything.” 

Gentlemen, clearly this is not only a musical threat. This festival goes far beyond this.

The festival would have rewarded social figures who they appreciate and who they care for. They would have met these people in panels they would organize.

It doesn’t end there. There would also have been theater performances. There would have been stage plays. Wow… 

Could have fallen in love 

They were going to organize tournaments. Perhaps they would have played chess. You know we do not like such things. You know we are frightened of these things. 

They were going to sit on the lawn, relax, enjoy themselves, get rid of the stress of the school year. They were going to collect good memories. 

When life was dancing around spring, when life was scented with spring, God forbid, they might even have fallen in love. 

Heaven forbid, they were going to have fun.

Goodness gracious.