Turkish scientist develops medical kit for serious war, sports injuries with support of Koç

Turkish scientist develops medical kit for serious war, sports injuries with support of Koç

Güneş Kömürcüler
Turkish scientist develops medical kit for serious war, sports injuries with support of Koç A Turkish doctor has developed a breakthrough device that will decrease the possibility of deaths from internal bleeding dramatically in any emergent traumatic injuries. The device, which was patented by Koç Holding’s Inventram and of which the first prototype has now been developed in the U.S.’ Southwest Research Institute, has the potential to be used in various emergency situations from warzone injuries to traffic accidents, according to the inventor and Inventram representatives.

Turkish Assoc. Prof. Yusuf Özgür Çakmak invented the innovative system, which aims to decrease internal organ bleeding by targeting the injured organs and pushing down blood flow there by 44 percent, when he worked for the Istanbul-based Koç University. 

“This technology has the potential to increase the chance of life for seriously injured patients with internal bleeding when combating in warzones, doing extreme sports or after traffic accidents by almost 1.5 times. We actually developed a parameter that will enable the arteries to squeeze by being provided electricity on abdominal skin through internal organs at very low voltage levels. This smart device, which is wearable, adaptable-to-similar-devices and remotely controllable, has the ability to become active as soon as the patient’s blood flow starts to decrease rapidly,” he said in a meeting with a small group of journalists in Istanbul on April 27. 

Thanks to this operation, patients will be given valuable time until they can be operated on, he added.

Çakmak noted that various forms of the device will be produced for different fields of use. 

“There are several technologies used to increase the possibility of death from serious internal bleeding. What is unique in our system is that it can be used by anyone without any medical background and can be activated by any mobile devices,” he noted. 

Representatives from Inventram said they patented this technology in a number of Western countries and Turkey, and they expect to launch the product, which is now being developed further in the U.S., by the end of 2017 or early 2018. 

“This device has huge market potential both commercially and militarily as it is very easy-to-use and does not require any medical operation. This system can even become a compulsory element of medical kits in cars…This innovative system can also become standard equipment in ambulances, emergency rooms and warzones, where serious injuries are treated.  We will continue to support and realize such technologies that have the potential to take significant share in the high-tech medical equipment market, which is estimated to have around $375 billion in volume now and to reach $500 billion in 2020,” said Inventram General Manager Cem Soysal. 

The company is planning on producing two different models. One of them will be much easier to use and simple for use by laypersons and found in cars’ medical kits, for example. This model will most probably not be wearable. Another will be more sophisticated than another one with wearable features to be used mainly in warzones. 

The company plans to produce the device by Koç Holding in Turkey when it becomes ready for mass production. 

Inventram, which was established in 2010, has so far made 45 patent investments and commercialized 18 technologies. A highly elastic cervical vertebra disc, which was patented and supported by them, has been in the Turkish market for the last nine months and used for at least 35 patients. “Our main aim is to help our country to turn into a high-tech exporter rather than an importer. Such technologies need know-how, financing and patience. We continue to offer each of them,” said Soysal.