What is happening in Bosphorus residences?

What is happening in Bosphorus residences?

According to his political advisor Metin Özkan, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has a complete list of 3,000 people, who his leader Devlet Bahçeli called as “Those who live at waterfront residences, drink whisky and vote for the Peoples’ Democratic Party [HDP].”

Could there be a mathematical error, chief Bahçeli? 

Now, come to think of it, there are 600 waterfront residences along the Bosphorus in Istanbul. If each family residing in one of those “yalı” houses is made up of five to six people, it looks as if the waterfront neighborhood has altogether voted for the HDP. 

Could it be that there was not even one contrary vote because the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) went along the Bosphorus and threatened them with “If votes are not cast for HDP 100 percent, we will torch this village down?” I guess it is Ortaköy or Yeniköy that they refer to as “village.” 

Maybe you made a geographical mistake; is that possible chief Bahçeli? 

Yes, I am joking to lighten up the environment.

I am trying to joke because one of the most significant parties of Turkey has declared those who voted for another party and drank whisky (both of them are democratic rights in this country) were “dishonorable.”  

Yes, another one of Turkey’s most significant political parties has implied that those residing in Istanbul’s Nişantaşı and Cihangir neighborhoods were PKK members, so I am trying to lighten the situation with humor. 

However, not everybody has my sense of humor. They owe an apology to all those who live in these neighborhoods. Nobody can accuse people living in a neighborhood of supporting terror because some 15 to 25 percent of the votes were cast for a political party. 

A responsible politician, particularly in times like these, should generate unity and togetherness; he should not separate citizens into groups and neighborhoods. He should not make them enemies of each other by targeting a few.  

Two votes were cast for the MHP from my family. Moreover, they were both drinking whisky; what do you say to that? These two kept monitoring closely the language and stance of the MHP after the June 7 elections. In the case of an early election, the MHP may not see the same compassion from them. 

Could it be that you have made a political mistake, chief Bahçeli? 

Honor issue 

The word “dishonorable” is a curse word that is bleeped on TV. However, if there are those who support the PKK terror, it is a very suitable definition, I think. 

But because peace, freedom and democracy were promised in their election campaign; because people were afraid to transform into a presidential system; for certain rights and demands of Kurds to be voiced in the parliament; for Kurds to be represented in the parliament and thus, for the influence of the PKK to diminish; all for these and similar reasons, millions of citizens voted for the HDP. Is it fair now to insult those millions? 
Many people who argue that the HDP should cross the threshold or even those who do not even argue this are subject to insults, swear words and even death threats on social media. 

For those who are wondering: No, I did not vote for the HDP. As a matter of fact, it is nobody’s business who I voted for. Anyone can vote for anybody. 

Wasn’t democracy based on elections? Were there not elections? What, dear friend, is this democracy then? 

The brain team 

The Justice and Democracy Party (AK Party) and Republican People’s Party (CHP) “exploratory” talks are over. Five meetings were held in 11 days; some 36 hours were spent talking.  

In the advertisement world, these meetings are called braistorming sessions. An extraordinary idea is expected to come out of them.

What came out of the parties’ brainstorming is uncertain. Nothing concrete seems to have emerged from these meetings.

On the other hand, the president is like a tough boss in the advertisement world. Even a superb idea comes out of a brain storming session, he would say, “No, I don’t like it. You should again do what I said.”

As far as I can see, both sides of the coalition have stopped brain storming. The barometers have crashed.
The situating is one of “brain grinding.”