Balance sheet

Balance sheet

What happened during Bayram?

I’d like to give you a balance sheet of what happened during Bayram in Turkey.

Untimely death:In the traffic wars in Turkey; there have been 150 deaths, with nearly 1,000 wounded…
Bombs went off in Gaza. 1,200 dead…

Leggings penalty: The “human” called Turgay K.!!!He stabbed his wife while their divorce was continuing just because he saw her with another man in a car. He was sentenced to 6 years and three months. The court considered the fact that she was wearing leggings as provocation.

Drought in Sapanca: Sapanca Lake, one of the rare lakes where its water is drinkable, is being dried up. While the municipalities of Kocaeli and Sakarya are pumping out water from the lake, several companies are opening water facilities. I am very curious whether there is any inspection on this issue. Drought is coming to the valley of Konya. We are losing water basins.

The collapse of the 5 percent factor: The vote ratio in Europe expected to influence the outcome of the elections has remained very low. Only 250,000 of the 2.5-million electorate are using their votes. This has collapsed the parties’ 5 percent calculations. If 2.5 million electors were casting their vote, it would have represented 5 percent of the total of the votes. Now polling companies are renewing their calculations.  

Bravo coach Sinan: He kept visiting schools in Samsun in search for talented athletes. He found Sedef when she was 12. Sedef Kantekin did not even know what track and field was. She worked with Sinan Vural for five years and Sedef became a Balkan champion in mountain cross. She is now preparing for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Beating doctors: There was again an attack on the hospital in Bingöl Karlıova. A patient’s relatives attacked the hospital and beat every doctor and nurse they came across. Who is going to save doctors that are working in already difficult conditions? Will no one take measures for that? You study for years, become a doctor, go to work in the farthest corner of Anatolia and then get beaten. One would really go crazy!

Bad news in the economy: Argentina can appear far away to you. But when it came to emerging economies, Turkey used to be mentioned in the same group as Argentina and Brazil. Argentina defaulted on its debt the other night. The same night, more bad news came from Portugal. Portugal’s second highest lender by assets reported a record net loss for the second quarter that caused the bank’s Lisbon-listed shares to plunge more than 50%. There are sanctions imposed on Russia, We have a war going on in our neighborhood. The Turkish economy is up on its feet despite everything. But this is not enough. We are entering a very fragile period ecologically and strategically.