Turkey a global brand in information insecurity

Turkey a global brand in information insecurity

Turkey is becoming a global brand in many different aspects. But our leadership in information insecurity is uncontestable. No country can do it better than us. No country could manage to let the private information of 50 million of its own citizens leak and be sold online. 

If any other country can manage this amazing success once, they certainly could not do it twice. At least, if it happened twice they would find whoever was responsible. Not in Turkey. 

We have a new approach in information security. Instead of spending millions of dollars on the protection of our citizens’ private information, we just allow people to steal and sell it freely online. In that way we save lots of money for palaces and other necessary buildings, which will carry Turkey to the future it deserves. 

Even the unique ID citizenship number of our president and prime minister, along with their current home addresses, can now be easily accessed. But it’s OK. It’s OK because we are a very hospitable nation. Even our prime minister has said that anyone who wants to visit his home is more than welcome. Since nobody in Turkey would refuse to welcome a stranger visiting his or her house at any time of the day, (because we are very hospitable), there is absolutely no problem and we shouldn’t worry about information security. 

After all, it’s all for the best. Just imagine, you have agreed with your friend to meet at his home but you don’t exactly know his address and his mobile phone battery has died. What are you going to do? Easy. Just look at your friend’s information online and find his address. While you’re at it, learn his mother’s maiden name from the database so you can have a topic of conversation to discuss. See, everything is great in Turkey. 

It should also be said that in Turkey nobody ever resigns because there are never any reasons to resign.

Everything is absolutely fabulous here. The transportation and communications minister denied that the private information of 50 million people had been stolen and distributed just two days before another minister said the theft was the fault of the Supreme Election Board. So one of these ministers is not telling the truth.

One of them is trying to cover up his responsibility. But that’s not important, because no one would ever resign in Turkey as everything is just so amazing. 

After this leak, identity theft crimes are going to skyrocket in Turkey. Now, anyone can pose as anyone else.

Ask me where I was born, when I was born, my mother’s name, my father’s name, my mother’s maiden name, the place where I was born, the place where my family ID belongs, etc. Ask me anything and I can answer it as if I was one of the 50 million innocent residents of the country whose personal data has been leaked online. 

Is there any reason to panic or to take measures against it? No. 

Will the authorities do anything about it? Most probably, no. 

Why? Because this is Turkey and everything is soooo fabulous.