Typewriters coming back, next will be pen and paper

Typewriters coming back, next will be pen and paper

We do not use typewriters anymore. We have donated them to museums or libraries; or maybe we keep them among our antique goods.  

I can still see typewriters in the windows of stationary stores while going down the slope from Cağaloğlu to Sirkeci. There must be a demand for them since they are being showcased.
Most of the typewriters sold in Turkey currently are second-hand, reportedly. But there is still a typewriter repair shop in Babıâli.

If you have a typewriter, take it down from its dusty shelve. If you don’t have one, go and buy one immediately. If you ask me why, let me say that the typewriter is the safest writing tool.

For example, if you have not placed a carbon copy-paper between the papers in your typewriter, then your piece is only one copy and as long as you wish, there is no chance that anybody will read it or learn about it.

Whenever you wish, you can destroy it in a shredder and not leave any evidence behind. You would not experience those nightmares like a virus on your computer, or see your account hacked or your secrets disclosed to the world.

When our computer system was being installed, my technician colleagues left me alone so that I could come up with a password. I asked them if they were able to track my password from the server and read my pieces. They said yes. Since that day, all technical staff and my other work colleagues know my password because I know nothing will be kept secret once it is in the computer.

Typewriter conquers Germany  

I came across a couple of stories in the German press about the re-rise of the typewriter. The headline went, “Safe measure against eavesdropping: Major demand for typewriters.”

Following the latest spying incidents of the American NSA, the report said, the Federal German Parliament was considering using typewriters which are safe against interception: “Demand for typewriters have risen significantly after the NSA incident. According to a Wirtschaftswoche story, typewriter producer Triumph-Adler sold 10,000 typewriters last year, marking a sales increase of one-third compared to the previous year.”

Officials from the famous typewriter brand Olympia said, “We expect Olympia sales figures to double this year. It is not only associated with the NSA’s spying incident, but also due to the fact that Japan producer Brother has withdrawn from the typewriter business, enlarging the share in the pie.”

After American secret service staff Edward Snowden revealed that NSA has plenty of information, the Russian secret service FSB wanted to buy 20 typewriters from Olympia. Apparently, the FSB, which is the successor to the KGB, decided on a model of Triumph that is known to be “safe against spying.” After all of these spying incidents, companies have also started using typewriters for their private correspondence and several contracts. Technology company Diehl from Nuremburg is one of them. The company has started writing their sensitive proposals with typewriters.

Security has won against technology! That means the era of the typewriter will start again now. I hope the pen and paper are next!