Won’t that ballot box hit them in the face?

Won’t that ballot box hit them in the face?

The European Union scored a terrifying own-goal coming from the far-right; it understands what the ballot box means in a democracy.

I have been waiting for so many days, but no, the EU leader to emerge and begin discussing “Is the ballot box everything or not?” has yet to be seen on the horizon.

On Sunday, May 25, elections were held in 28 EU countries for the European Parliament. As a result, anti-EU, anti-Semitist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist, extreme-rightist, neo-Nazi and whatever kind of evil there is, they have all won. The EU has lost its values.

If you view it from the opposite side, then the situation is as follows:

Whichever high value the democratic world cherished went upside down in the ballot box. Anti-EUism has become the rising value in overall Europe, the flagship countries being France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

One of them mentioned “the turning point in our modern history,” the other said it was a political earthquake and another said the message had been received. A big shock is being experienced…

The EU commissionaires are now learning with bitter experience the place of the ballot box within democracy.     

The European electorate has chosen a dangerous path threatening all of the gains of the pluralist, multicultural liberal democracy.

Days have passed and neither Chancellor Merkel, nor Prime Minister Cameron nor President Hollande have called on the streets to challenge the ballot box.

Their hands are tied; they are in a poor state.

They cannot think of another solution, but hiding their distress and accepting whatever came out of the ballot box.

Actually, their minds were working differently in Ukraine.

When a “wrong majority” won the election, what first came to their minds was to provoke the “correct minority” to rebel.

Didn’t they topple President Yanukovich with bloody street incidents because he turned his head from Brussels to Moscow?

The voters in France and the U.K. have also turned their faces away from Brussels, from its common currency Euro and its integration policies. In Germany, they have buried their heads in their own superior race and beliefs. 

The “chocolate king” President Poroshenko, who had declared the EU his first priority, did the same in Ukraine on the day he was elected president…

Now, have the Ukrainians been cheated, did they take to the streets for no good? Did they fight for nothing? Did they kill and be killed in vain?

While Le Pen was laughing hysterically, what was the fault of Yanukovich, who was also elected in the ballot box, just like her, that he had to quickly flee?

Well, what about the USA? It has also swallowed its voice.

Have you heard anything from the White House, saying, “Democracy is not limited to the ballot box? These results do not count. We do not recognize these elections. We are very concerned about the future of the EU?”

Don’t they even owe an apology to the election results they looked down upon so much, to the democratic majorities they have belittled and defamed, the Egyptian people’s will, which was overthrown, the people of the Gaza Strip’s choice that was not recognized, and the Turkish electorate that has been delivering one lesson after the other and the Ukrainians that are being dragged into civil war?

Well, if they poke that much, if they pull it to all sides in a spoilt fashion, won’t that ballot box hit them on the face?