Why do we bash the West but not Saudi Arabia?

Why do we bash the West but not Saudi Arabia?

We are talking about Saudi Arabia. 

It is a country that is filthy rich and sends its petro dollars to U.S. banks. 

The members of the family live in the utmost luxury. 

They enjoy palaces that are much bigger than ours. Saudi Arabia has closed its door. It does not allow even one desperate refugee to pass through the doors of the country.

In addition, because it is Muslim, the country is much closer to the Syrian refugees in terms of culture and lifestyles than France or Germany.

And in fact Saudi Arabia is closer geographically to Syria then France, the United States, Germany and Italy. 

Besides, these Saudis are giving tremendous amounts of money to the opposition forces in Syria. By financing the war machine in Syria, they are contributing to the desperation of millions of people in the country.

Despite all of this, no one does anything in Saudi Arabia about the Syrian refugees. 

Turkey has taken in one way or another more than 2 million refugees. Nothing moves in Saudi Arabia. The prime ministers of Europe shed tears, even if to make a showcase for the children whose dead body washed up on the coast. But there is not a single tear in the eye of these pious kings.

Germany and Italy decided to open their frontiers, unable to resist further shame. But Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Gulf, Kuwait, Dubai; they don’t care at all. 

And what is more tragic – the people fleeing Syria head to the doorsteps of not Saudi Arabia but France, Germany and Italy. Because Syrians are also aware of it...

Refugees are looking for the corresponding attitude of mercy that is so often underlined in Islam not in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or Qatar but in France, Germany or Italy. 

There is even worse. Even us; all of us, Islamists, left-wingers, nationalists, secularists; we are so sure that there will be no compassion from Saudi Arabia that we keep bashing the West. We don’t even think of making a call on the Saudis. We should all be ashamed of it.

The failure of the Turkish media

The incident took place in 2013. A citizen of United States is transiting through the Atatürk Airport. She is taken under detention due to her aggressive behavior. The women under detention loses her life because police sat on her body for 17 minutes. 

And this terrible incident has been kept such a secret that it did not even appear as a small story in newspapers. There is no leakage from the airport, no leakage from the governor’s office, no leakage from the security department and no leakage from the court.

Until recently. The incident hit the news only the other day. In addition to the extraordinary efforts expended by those to keep this incident a secret, this also reveals the miserable condition of the media that could not unearth the story. We need to engage in serious self-criticism.