Well, this is the coast-to-coast will of Europe

Well, this is the coast-to-coast will of Europe

In the European parliamentary elections, victory went to the extreme rightists… The racists won the elections.

Those who cling on to “national will” with utmost enthusiasm here are now suffering from major concerns. They are saying, “racism is all around Europe.” They also say they are worried the extreme right will strengthen. They also say this is the price of identity politics. They are saying, “Intolerance has been reflected in the elections.”

Well, fine; but, isn’t this the national will of the people of Europe? Why don’t you shut up and respect this national will? Why don’t you wait for the next elections? Or have you become a coup-lover or anything similar?

Poor Berkin, poor son 

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has explained as such, his reconciliation with the Koç Group: “As the prime minister of my country, I cannot have any grudging attitude toward a person or a group that would invest in my country.”  

Poor Berkin, my son. If your father had been as rich as Koç, if you had a fortune, if you had the capacity to invest, if you had Ford supporting you, if you had and had… Poor Berkin, my son…

Booing Merkel, but not getting slapped

In the Cologne meeting that Prime Minister Erdoğan attended, when Erdoğan mentioned “Merkel” during his speech, thousands of people booed her long and loudly.

We looked around to see if there was anyone getting slapped or not. No, there was not. What slapping; you could not even talk about a flip.

Actually, what was the rule Prime Minister Erdoğan had established? It was this: “If you boo the prime minister of a country, then you get slapped.”

Well, where was the slap? Whose country is it beyond Edirne? Why could you not even remember your own rule once you are past Edirne?

What kind of a President?

The presidential candidate of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is known to everybody. If it is not him, the next candidate is also known. If he is not running for office, then there are dozens of names to be put forward; they are also known. 

Under these circumstances, while there are two months left until the elections, is there any other worthless question that would rival the opposition’s – which has not even pronounced the name of one candidate, going from door to door and asking, “Yes, friends, now, tell me what kind of a president do we want?”

The issue of high speed trains and sabotage 

I am one of those enthusiasts who are eagerly and impatiently waiting for the high speed train’s trips between Ankara and Istanbul.

However, Transportation Minister Lütfi Elvan gave a very unpleasant piece of information: There have been certain instances of sabotage going on, on the high speed train route. Some cut the cables and were running away. In the past month, there have been 25 separate incidents.

I will say three things:

Trying to block a significant service facility being built in the country is a contemptible behavior with no excuse. Whoever is doing these contemptuous acts, I want them to be found as soon as possible and taken to court.

These services are not being done out of anybody’s father’s pocket. All these facilities for this service are being built with the taxes we are paying. We are paying the price of these services. Those who are trying to prevent them from being built are damaging us, not the government.

It should be those who are ruling us who should ponder the most on why such a mentality has emerged as to sabotage the high speed train, so that the government is in a difficult position. For example, they could start with the question: “What have we done that they have taken the issue up until that point?”