‘Open Work’ to represent Türkiye in London biennale

‘Open Work’ to represent Türkiye in London biennale

‘Open Work’ to represent Türkiye in London biennale

Türkiye will be represented by “Open Work” by artist Melek Zeynep Bulut at the London Design Biennale to be held between June 1 and 25.

Bulut, who provided information about her work at a press conference in Istanbul, said, “Open work is a performative venue that we have made for the 2023 London Design Biennale. We produced it with great pleasure. It was a project that we produced as a result of a very painful process after the earthquake. That’s why it means so much to us.”

The installation will be displayed in the courtyard of Somerset House, where the biennale is taking place.

Bulut said it is both an architectural work and also features a performance, adding: “It has an acoustic design. There are dozens of people behind this work. In fact, we produced this work in a very short time. The production started in February. We can say that it is the product of about three or four months of work.”

Stating that the biennale will be organized around the main theme of “Global Game” this year, Bulut said, “They invite designers to a way of thinking about where the world is going, and the most basic metaphor they identified was that ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal last year.”

“It is a platform where we discuss how we, as designers, could produce solutions for some systems that are not progressing in the world. Here we went through the metaphor of thresholds. In other words, we studied a text on how humanity is on the verge of a new consciousness and how we can raise awareness about it. I hope it will be loved by everyone during the display and we get the results that will be a source of pride for our country,” Bulut added.

Open Work

Open Work is a performative space and a theatrical display, shaped by the metaphors of threshold and transformation. It is based on a discussion on the meanings of concepts that represent power, boundaries, and representation of social

The work, mostly designed with metal pieces, is based on the concepts of door, passage and threshold.

Born in Istanbul in 1989, Bulut completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in architecture and design after studying painting and sculpture.

She still produces her works as a multidisciplinary artist in both Istanbul and Paris. She continues her studies by synthesizing architecture, sculpture, psychology and behavioral sciences.

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