One-night accommodation in Uludağ costs 6,000 liras

One-night accommodation in Uludağ costs 6,000 liras

One-night accommodation in Uludağ costs 6,000 liras

In Uludağ, one of the leading ski resorts in the country, the sum of one night’s accommodation for a single person and additional expenses such as entertainment and food exceeds an average of 6,000 Turkish Liras ($318).

In the ski resort, which could not start the season on time due to the late start of snowfall this year, the occupant rate of the hotels has reached 70 percent.

The snow thickness exceeded half a meter, while the ski slopes were filled with domestic and foreign tourists.

On the other hand, an overnight stay in Uludağ costs visitors a high price.

The price of accommodation for two people per night is 11,000 liras ($585).

With the start of the education period of the schools, the price of accommodation for two people per night will decrease to 9,000 liras ($478).

Someone who wants to spend a night alone in Uludağ should be willing to pay at least 4,500 liras ($240).

Visitors who prefer to reach Uludağ by taxi rather than by their own vehicle have to pay 360 liras, including the national park entrance fee.

Vacationers seeking to go to Uludağ by cable car instead of the land route will pay 130 liras per person.

One-hour ski lesson costs 900 liras

A person taking a ski lesson pays 900 liras as a one-hour lesson fee, while the amount to be paid with ski equipment reaches 1,600 liras ($85).

“We teach skiing in two hours. As the semester holidays are quite short in Türkiye, we have to do a quick but conscious training,” ski instructor Yahya Usta said.

As a traditional and indispensable part of skiing in Uludağ, the sausage sandwich costs between 100 and 200 liras.

“A person who is skiing gets tired and, of course, gets hungry. And when you’re hungry, the first thing that comes to mind is meatball and sausage,” stated Burak Kahyaoğlu who runs a cafe in Uludağ.

“Meatball and sausage sandwich prices vary between 100 and 150 liras. If you want to drink a cup of tea, you have to pay 25 liras. The price of Turkish coffee is 60 liras,” he added.

Last month, the occupancy rates in hotels in Uludağ were at extremely low levels due to lack of snowfall.

The unusual weather conditions and insufficient snowfall have caused artificial snow production to reach record levels in the ski resort before the semester break.