OMV Turkey buys LNG-powered trucks from IVECO

OMV Turkey buys LNG-powered trucks from IVECO

Engin Esen - ISTANBUL
OMV Turkey buys LNG-powered trucks from IVECO

Austrian energy giant OMV has replaced 10 percent of its truck fleet in Turkey with natural gas-powered ones as part of its environment-friendly and sustainable growth approach, the general manager of OMV Turkey has said.

“We are planning to cover 1.25 million kilometers and save 120 tons of CO2 a year with these trucks powered by [liquefied natural gas] LNG,” Serkan Hotoğlu told a group of journalists in a virtual meeting on March 18.

As part of the initiative, OMV Turkey bought eight LNG-powered trucks from IVECO and established an LNG filling station in the western Black Sea province of Bolu, which lies half-way between Istanbul and Ankara, according to his remarks.

When asked if the filling station could be open to public, Hotoğlu said that the license given by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) allows only internal use, but it could be possible to adjust the facility to serve the public in the future.

The LNG-powered vehicles have a range of 1,600 kilometers, IVECO Turkey General Manager Hakkı Işınak said in the meeting.

The engine power of LNG-powered trucks is equal to diesel-powered ones, he said, adding that S-WAY models pay off their initial cost in a couple of years.

OMV Turkey supplies LNG to about 400 customers in the country’s regions out of reach of pipelines.