Old train station in border town attracts shutterbugs

Old train station in border town attracts shutterbugs

Old train station in border town attracts shutterbugs

An old train station and a black train in the northwestern province of Edirne has been roping in the attention of shutterbugs and local tourists with its intriguing architecture, historical ambiance, rustic appearance that reflects a movie set, and many other unique features.

Sharing its borders with Greece and Bulgaria, Edirne has hosted many civilizations and stands out with its natural beauties as well as its historical heritage. The city, through which three rivers pass, also offers a unique atmosphere to its visitors during the four seasons all year round.

Mist rising from the rivers surrounding the city, fog clouds hovering over the plains, and trees painted with a ton of shades of brown and yellow, offer a visual feast to visitors coming to the city.

Dozens of residents and visitors of the city, which is backdropped by the yellow-leafed trees winking at the winter, prefer the old train station the most.

Located in the Karaağaç district, the old train station and the black train in front of it, serving as the Trakya University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, has become a location for photography enthusiasts, especially during the autumn season, because of the emanating beauty it presents.

Having witnessed the days of both joy and sorrow, even though it’s no longer working, the station is immortalized with its vintage beauty and as the most important place to see during the autumn season.

Rümaysa Tuna, a local who came to the spot to take a photo with her friend, said that she had a university education outside the city, and she was longing for Edirne.

Explaining that she never misses an opportunity to come back to the city, which is also her birthplace, at every chance that she gets, Tuna said that she loved her hometown very much and spent time in such activities.

“Edirne is really beautiful in autumn. We came here to take pictures in the last days of the season,” Tuna added.

Ecenur Müdrişler, another local, also stated that every square meter of Edirne was valuable, and autumn suited the city the most.

In the past, Karaağaç used to be a busy place, but once the beautiful old train station closed its doors and the border post became more or less redundant because of the new highway, Karaağaç slowly became a ghost town.

After Trakya University started using the beautiful train station building, little cafes and some restaurants have opened up just outside the campus.