Oda TV journalists arrested over report

Oda TV journalists arrested over report

Oda TV journalists arrested over report

An Istanbul court has ordered the arrest of the news editor and a reporter of news website Oda TV over a report on the funeral of a member of the Turkish intelligence service who was killed in Libya.

Oda TV on March 3 showed footage of the funeral in the western province of Manisa, saying the ceremony was held discreetly, without the participation of high-ranking officials.

The court ordered the arrest of news director Barış Terkoğlu and reporter Hülya Kılınç for “exposing the identity of an official of the intelligence agency” and the report.

After the decision, Terkoğlu was sent to Silivri Prison and Hülya Kılınç to the Bakırköy Women’s Prison in Istanbul.

The identity of the official had already been revealed by opposition İYİ (Good) Party Istanbul deputy Ümit Özdağ at a press conference in parliament that was broadcast online, Oda TV said.

Terkoğlu was previously arrested in 2011, alongside many other Oda TV employees, as part of the Ergenekon investigations, legal cases pushed by FETÖ members within Turkey’s judiciary.