No meat allowed at Morrissey’s Istanbul concert

No meat allowed at Morrissey’s Istanbul concert

No meat allowed at Morrissey’s Istanbul concert

Morrissey is known as a dedicated vegetarian.

The countdown has started for Morrissey’s upcoming Istanbul concert, and the legendary British singer has requested that no sale or consumption of meat or meat products be permitted in or outside the concert area.

Morrissey, who once sang “Meat is Murder,” is well known as a vegetarian and animal rights defender, and will be appearing at Istanbul’s Volkswagen Arena on Dec. 7.

He has explained his vegetarianism by saying “If you love animals, obviously it doesn’t make sense to hurt them.”

Those who buy tickets for the concert are being notified about this demand on the official ticket website.

He is expected to perform songs from his latest album “World Peace Is None of Your Business,” along with classics from his work with the Smiths and previous albums.

The second single from Morrissey’s latest album is titled “Istanbul,” and alluringly presents the chaotic emotions of the city using cigar-box guitar riffs and recordings made in Istanbul’s ancient streets.

The singer, famous for inspiring devotion among his fans and provoking controversy with various un-PC statements, previously took the stage in Istanbul in 2012.