No intel probe into social media in Turkey: Report

No intel probe into social media in Turkey: Report

No intel probe into social media in Turkey: Report

MİT chief Hakan Fidan. AA photo

A senior authority from the National Intelligence Agency (MİT) has said no data has been collected from social media, in response to the recent allegations of illegal recordings.

Speaking to daily Habertürk, the MİT officer said they were recently on the agenda for the claims of illegal recordings because the institution had conducted a number of successful intelligence works nationally and internationally. He added that that "unrealistic claims" were used to create a "false impression" of MİT.

When asked whether MİT could obtain personal data whenever it wanted and manipulate it for illegal recordings, the officer referred to a press release they issued on June 11, which stated that such allegations were unrealistic and unjust. “MİT acts within the limits of its authority and duties as part of the laws. MİT does not have enough personnel and time to store the data in such a way,” he said.

The officer also said MİT did not have the duty of following or controlling citizens, and could only target those posing a threat to national security.

“MİT has an institutional culture which primarily focuses on public security while performing its duties in Turkey,” the officer added.

The government recently started an examination against social media, which was targeted by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) for working against society’s “serenity and peace.”