No classified article in Treaty of Lausanne: CİMER

No classified article in Treaty of Lausanne: CİMER

No classified article in Treaty of Lausanne: CİMER

The Presidential Communications Center (CİMER) has answered the most controversial question in Turkey about the Treaty of Lausanne, saying that “there is no classified article in the treaty.”

The treaty, signed on July 24, 1923, in Switzerland’s Lausanne, has been a matter of debate in the country, as some indicated that there were some “hidden, classified articles preventing Turkey from hoisting precious mines.”

CİMER, on April 26, responded to an official application of a Turkish citizen asking if there was such an article.

“Neither is there a classified article in the Treaty of Lausanne nor an article preventing Turkey from hoisting mines,” the institution said.

Historians also commented on the response that aroused interest on social media platforms. “There is nothing hidden in the treaty. All the documents are open and known. The allegation is nothing more than gossip,” Mustafa Budak, a professor from Istanbul University, said.

Ali Satan from the Marmara University underlined that the treaty is a centurion agreement. “A 100 years passed over it. If there was such a thing, it would have come to light,” he expressed.

Sevtap Demirci, an academic from the Boğaziçi University who alleged that she saw all documents regarding the treaty, made a call to claimants.

“I have seen the British and Turkish archives. There is no such thing. Those who say ‘There is’ should prove it. Because something that does not exist can not be proven.”

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