Nigerian man raped to death by six wives

Nigerian man raped to death by six wives

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Nigerian man raped to death by six wives

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A Nigerian man was killed by his six wives after they forced him to have sexual intercourse with them all, the Daily Post has reported.

The man, Uroko Onoja, reportedly married six women after he became rich.

Five of the wives came at Onoja with knives and sticks in jealousy after seeing him entering his youngest wife's room to demand that he have sex with all of them, according to reports.

Onoja reportedly stopped breathing when he was going to bed with the fifth wife after having had sex with four of his other wives.

The five ran away after they saw that he had died, according to the youngest wife.

“Suddenly, my husband stopped breathing, and they all ran out, still laughing, but when they saw that I could not resuscitate him, they all ran into the forest," the youngest wife said.

Two of the wives were arrested by police and the others are still being sought, the report said