NGO presents nine-point judicial reform plan

NGO presents nine-point judicial reform plan

NGO presents nine-point judicial reform plan

A nine-point solution package to address the problems of the Turkish judicial system has been unveiled by a nongovernmental organization that came up with suggestions for a better functioning system.

The Better Justice Association, a nongovernmental organization focused on determining the problems in the Turkish judiciary, has presented to the public its solution proposals, which it has published as a book called “Turkish Judicial Reform A to Z.”

The package aims to equip the judiciary with the capacity to fulfill its duties, focus on providing quality public service, protect full independence through transparency and full accountability.

It envisages that the Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSK) be separated from its function of being the professional body and transforming it into the Supreme Authority of Justice responsible for the production of quality judicial services.

In the package that proposes the establishment of the Supreme Court of Justice in order to open all kinds of administrative proceedings related to the judiciary to judicial review, it is also aimed to provide judicial staff with fully independent professional organizations.

While the association recommends removing the administrative chief’s permission to investigate the crimes of public officials, it also advises on training human resources in line with the needs of the judiciary.

Among the proposals is the establishment of a permanent legal council, which aims to ensure that the judiciary is kept up to date with the needs of society.

The package also recommends the distribution of courts to 26 regions and reducing the current number of courts from over 7,000 to around 3,000.

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