Newly-married victims of Ankara blast laid to rest

Newly-married victims of Ankara blast laid to rest

Newly-married victims of Ankara blast laid to rest

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Newly-married couple Yılmaz Elmascan and Gülhan Karlı Elmascan died together along with their friends from the United Trade Union of Transportation Workers in Ankara. They were married only one year ago. 

Construction worker Yusuf Can, Gülhan Elmascan’s father, accepted condolences in his house in Central Anatolian Konya province. He had difficulty expressing his feelings while speaking to Doğan News Agency, as he said his daughter and her husband went to the Ankara rally to contribute to peace.

Speaking about his daughter, who had been a guidance counsellor at a school for four years, Can said, “She was a bright person. She was an exemplary person with her attitude toward her students, her lifestyle and her treatment of people around her. It is not easy to raise people like her in this country. But unfortunately, some people cannot digest this,” said Can.

Recalling that his son-in-law was a train operator, Can added, “It’s been a year since they got married. They couldn’t get enough of each other. I couldn’t get enough of my children. What can I say; my heart is torn out,” said Can. 

Their funerals were set to take place in separate provinces, in Konya and the southeastern province of Diyarbakır.

Gülhan Elmascan’s funeral was held in Konya’s Ereğli district, while Yılmaz Elmascan, a train operator for Turkish State Railways (TCDD), was laid to rest in Diyarbakır. The Elmascan couple was among 97 people killed in Ankara on Oct. 10 in Turkey’s biggest ever terror attack, which plunged the nation into deep shock and mourning.