New security measures in line with EU norms: EU Minister

New security measures in line with EU norms: EU Minister

New security measures in line with EU norms: EU Minister

Turkey's EU Minister Volkan Bozkır. DHA Photo

Turkey’s EU minister has echoed Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, maintaining that the draft law tightening security legislation is in line with European Union standards.

“I don’t have any hesitations about this package’s harmony with the EU acquis or with practices in EU countries. Anyhow, we have conducted all of the related work together with our interior minister,” EU Minister Volkan Bozkır said on Oct. 22.

“People wearing masks and carrying Molotov Cocktails are targeting people’s lives, buildings and cars. That is not acceptable in any way. There are similar practices around the world, too," Bozkır added.

"If a person is to express a view or be in a demonstration, then they should not need to hide their faces. Measures taken within this framework are in line with practices in the world and in the West. I do not have a tiny bit of hesitation about the legislation,” he also said.

Around 40 people were killed in violence that swept southeastern Turkey after protesters took to the streets expressing their fury over the fate of the Syrian Kurdish border town of Kobane, which has been besieged by militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) for over a month.

According to the draft legislation, which was introduced after the unrest and will be presented to Parliament soon, those involved in violent protests will face longer jail sentences and those protesting with their faces covered will be viewed as “potential criminals.” The police will also be given the authority to keep suspects under detention for 24 hours, whereas a prosecutor’s consent is required under the existing legislation. A prosecutor will be able to extend the detention by 48 hours according to the new legislation.