New rules introduced for utility bills

New rules introduced for utility bills

New rules introduced for utility bills

Turkey’s energy regulator EPDK has announced new measures for natural gas and electricity bills for the next three months amid the coronavirus break.

Accordingly, for a period of three months the bills will be issued based on the average consumption with comparable period over the past two years in the areas which are under quarantine and where local authorities suspended consumption measurement as a precaution against the virus.

The consumers will also not be billed for their gas and electricity consumption in areas where the staff tasked with reading the meters will not be able to comply with social distancing rules, according to the new regulations.

In cases, when the natural gas and electricity consumption cannot be calculated based on retrospective estimate, consumers’ declared consumption will be taken into account.

The bills, issued based on the new regulations, will be sent to consumers via mail, cargo, SMS or emails.

When regular meters reading practice is established after this three-month period, consumers’ bills will be netted out based on their actual consumption.