New regulation on execution to ‘eradicate impunity’: Ministry

New regulation on execution to ‘eradicate impunity’: Ministry

New regulation on execution to ‘eradicate impunity’: Ministry

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is working on changes regarding execution practices that would foresee that the offenders of crimes with a prison sentence of less than two years will go to prison even if it is for a day, local media has reported.

“A perception of impunity has begun to emerge in the public opinion. It is necessary to impose a sanction for crimes that arouse indignation in the society. An upper limit and a minimum limit can be set for crimes,” AKP officials said, adding that various alternatives such as compulsory public service or weekend executions could be rediscussed.

Underlining that the aim is to reform and improve the system, Bozdağ noted that the execution system should be transformed into a new system that rehabilitates and reintegrates the criminals into society, rather than only carrying out punishments.

The new regulation will also prevent the commission of major crimes and will pave the way for changes in the system of judgment.

“We are determined to change the judicial system and introduce a new procedure in a way that will end quickly, not in the form of long trials,” he explained.

The radical changes will be taken by discussing the Turkish Penal Code, the Code Of Criminal Procedure, the 17-year implementation of the Penal Execution Code and their failing aspects like reconciliation, postponing the opening of the public case and the announcement of the verdict, he pointed out.

“The expectation of every segment in society is to keep the justice alive,” Bozdağ stated, adding that the independence and impartiality of the judicial services and their fair decisions will increase the trust and satisfaction of the judiciary.

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