New findings unearthed at Knidos in western Turkey

New findings unearthed at Knidos in western Turkey

MUĞLA – Doğan News Agency
New findings unearthed at Knidos in western Turkey

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Archaeological excavations in the 2,600-year-old ancient city of Knidos in the western province of Muğla’s Datça district have unearthed new structures. 

Selçuk University Archaeology Department academic and the head of the excavations, Associate Professor Ertekin Doksanaltı, said the exciting new findings included the main wall of a small theater, two structures and a VIP area used for ceremonies once held on the main street of the ancient city. 

Archaeologist Batıkan Bora said they had found many important artifacts during this year’s excavations. 

“The main wall of a 5,000-person theater was unearthed for the first time. The nearly 100-meter-long wall, which is around seven or eight meters high, has magnificent workmanship that still survives. We have also found two arched structures right next to the wall. The biggest of these two structures, which had been underground for thousands of years, may have been a water source while the other may have been a storage area,” Bora said.

He added that the most exciting finding was what he called a “VIP area.” 

“It looks like it was a special tribune. People were awarded here in front of the public,” Bora noted.