Nemrut project presented in Budapest

Nemrut project presented in Budapest

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Nemrut project presented in Budapest

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A new project developed for Nemrut Mountain titled “Nemrut in the World, World in Nemrut,” was presented in Budapest on March 24 

Nemrut, which has been dubbed by some as the largest open-air museum in the world, features a collection of massive stone heads at an elevation of 2,150 meters. Nemrut in the World, World in Nemrut, handled by Rotary Club Adıyaman Nemrut in Budapest, organized the Contact Making Seminar.

The project partner Turkish Compass to Europe hosted  the activity and Civil Society Associations, other Associations which have a relation between Turkey, other trade associations and high level bureaucrats participated the activity. 

During the seminar, Turkey, Adıyaman and the touristic places were introduced to participants. One of the fundemantal purposes of “Nemrut in the World, World in Nemrut Project” aims to make a contribution to Civil Society Dialogue.

Turkey having a common history with Hungary, the relations will be developed and also Adıyaman, which is the intersection of east and west civilizations was promoted during the seminar.

The presentation event took place at Budapest’s Seni Studium hotel; attendees discussed the project partnership.

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