Mother saves children’s tech addiction with mediators’ help

Mother saves children’s tech addiction with mediators’ help

Mother saves children’s tech addiction with mediators’ help

A mother in the western province of İzmir, who could not cope with her two children’s internet and mobile phone addiction for years, has overcome the crisis with the help of an arbitration association dedicated to solving only in-family problems.

“Thanks to the mediators of Negotiation Mediators Association [ARABULDER], this addiction has ended,” 48-year-old single mother Canan Hacıkabak told the Demirören News Agency with great happiness.

Established in 2007 by some idealist high school children, ARABULDER gained importance as arbitration law in Turkey came into force as of June 2012.

The association recently hosted Hacıkabak and her 19-year old son, Emir, and 12-year-old daughter, İrem.

“I had trouble controlling the kids after my divorce. They were addicted to computers and mobiles for the last six years,” the mother said and added: “We were quarreling all the time, slamming the doors.”

All the three family members sat around a table, signed an agreement and started the negotiations.

The family found peace after mediators convinced the children to limit their access to the internet.

“We accepted to use mobile phones for only 45 minutes on weekdays and one and a half hours on weekends,” university student Emir said on behalf of himself and his sister, who is a high school student.

When asked about the success people get by the system, Feridun Balcı, the head of ARABULDER, replied, “It is a win-win system.”

Mothers get “relaxed as their children surf on the internet in a set schedule,” while children “increase their potential at their schools.”

“While negotiating, we do not criticize, judge, blame anyone. Being neutral gives confidence to the parties,” he noted.

According to Balcı, three in four children succeed in overcoming internet addiction with the help of the system.