Mother, daughter run bakery for stray animals

Mother, daughter run bakery for stray animals

Mother, daughter run bakery for stray animals

Habibe Bayram, who operates a bakery in the central Anatolian province of Kayseri, and her daughter, Hilal İlayda Bayram, a veterinary student, spend the money they make at their bakery for stray animals all around Turkey.

The mother and daughter, who have been running to the help of street animals with their own means for many years, bought the bakery two years ago and have garnered a regular income to meet the needs of the animals.

The mother and daughter, who sell their hand-made cakes and desserts to their customers, spend their income for the cats and dogs in need of care in various cities.

Speaking to state-run Anadolu Agency, Habibe Bayram, 59, said that they have taken care of the injured and needy stray animals by their own means so far.

Stating that their family love animals, Habibe Bayram said that her daughter is also a 4th year student at Erciyes University’s veterinary faculty.

She said that they wanted to help more animals by doing what they know best, such as making desserts, cakes and pastries, adding, “We thought of opening a workplace and donating the income to street animals two years ago. We have already known this cafe. We wanted to operate it and got that opportunity. All income of this place goes to street animals,” she said.

The mother said that stray animals had no chance to make themselves understood. “We are healthy, we speak, we can share our troubles. They have mouths, but no language. They cannot tell anyone of their troubles. I believe that God sent them for us, and that we exist to help them. That’s why I try to support and help the animals. Even if I have nothing in my life, I spend every penny on them. It doesn’t matter who we are. Even if I have nothing in my hand, I go and sell lemons in the market and help them again,” she added.

Habibe Bayram stated that they helped feed stray dogs and cats, and that they had the sick and injured animals treated at veterinary clinics with the income they got from the bakery.

Stating that their support was not limited to Kayseri, Habibe Bayram said, “We get demand for support from animal lovers and veterinary clinics around Turkey. However, we try to meet these demands with the income from the bakery.”

Hilal İlayda Bayram, 24, said that she helped her mother in the bakery even though she was a student.

“My mother helps me and I help my mother in this job,” she said, adding that they’re leading a “good cause.”

“We are trying to do something very good. We try to do this willingly. Despite all the difficulties and negativities, we try to carry out this business. Thank God it’s going well now.”

She said that she was previously studying biomedical engineering in Ankara but since she loved animals so much, she left school and secured a place in the veterinary faculty.

“Those who don’t love animals, cannot love humans either. Animals have feelings; all they want is love, food and water.

We have to help them. People are more sensitive about it now, but it is not enough. I love stray animals on the streets, I feed them. Some people around me say, ‘don’t do it anymore.’ But I never stop doing it because they need us.”