Morgan Freeman films in Turkish province

Morgan Freeman films in Turkish province

KONYA – Anadolu Agency
Morgan Freeman films in Turkish province Famous American actor Morgan Freeman has been spotted in the Central Anatolian province of Konya while shooting part of a documentary titled “The Story of God.” 

The documentary, which features religious experiences and rituals from around the world, is being filmed for the National Geographic channel. 

The shooting of the documentary was held in the Karatay district of Konya’s Çatalhöyük, where some 8,000 people settled in the Neolithic Age in one of the first human settlements. 

Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Mustafa Çıpan said some parts of the documentary were shot in Çatalhöyük with the participation of Freeman and an administrative and technical team. 

He said two experts from the Çatalhöyük excavation team and Hasan Uğuz from the Museum Directorate also joined the filming. 

“The shoot was held in eastern Çatalhöyük, where bull heads and horns have been found and a closed area known as the Mellard drilling location where unique artifacts have been unearthed so far. The work ended in model houses, where daily life in Çatalhöyük is featured. We have created the necessary conditions for the team to work under security. The shooting features the beginning of civilization, agriculture stockbreeding, humans’ interaction with the environment, the struggle against natural life and the transition to economic life. It will contribute to Konya’s international promotion.”

After the shoot, Freeman and his team left Konya on Oct. 18.