More than 30 ISIL suspects detained

More than 30 ISIL suspects detained

More than 30 ISIL suspects detained

Security forces have detained more than 30 people, including foreign nationals, in Istanbul and Ankara for their links to the terror group ISIL.

In Istanbul, anti-terror units launched simultaneous raids on 11 homes in four districts and rounded up 11 suspects, all foreign nationals, for their alleged links to ISIL.

During the search at the suspects’ homes, documents and other digital materials were seized.

Anti-terror teams in the capital also launched dawn raids against the group yesterday.

Security forces had identified 30 foreign individuals with alleged links to ISIL.

They acted yesterday to apprehend the suspects and captured 21 of them in operations conducted simultaneously on the suspects’ homes.

ISIL is on Turkey’s terrorist organizations list. Security forces frequently launch operations against the terror group across the country.

ISL has carried out a number of deadly attacks on Turkish soil over the years, including suicide and bomb attacks. More than 300 people have been killed and many others were injured in those attacks.