Mobile app to track inter-city travels in use

Mobile app to track inter-city travels in use

Mobile app to track inter-city travels in use

The Turkish public largely followed preventive measures against the coronavirus, and a mobile application will be used to track inter-city travels, the country’s health minister said on May 20. The app became ready for use on May 21.

“The world does not yet know when the outbreak will end. But in Turkey, we have seen the results of our measures,” said Fahrettin Koca in a news conference following a meeting of the country’s Coronavirus Science Board.

“When daily numbers of coronavirus cases fall below 1,000, this drop will be an indicator of our success,” he added.

Recalling following curfew orders during the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday, he said, “if we take precautions now, we will reap its benefits later on.”

“We don’t know how long the fight with the virus will continue, so we are planning life around these measures,” Koca said. As of May 21, Turkish businesses will receive posters listing the rules to be followed to minimize the risk of spreading the infection, said the minister.

“The mobile app by the Health Ministry will be used to track inter-city travel,” he said. The citizens will use the code from the app to show that they are not sick or carrying the virus and be able to board planes and trains within Turkey.

He also added that Turkey will start the health tourism season early, and charter flights may be arranged depending on demand. In addition, Koca said the Turkish government is also planning to test passengers coming from abroad at airports and on land borders.

For the re-opening of cafes and restaurants in the country, a plan will soon to be shared with the public, added the minister.

About the curfew imposed on the elderly, Koca said they could be allowed to leave for their hometowns on condition of having permission documents and not returning for 30 days.

The Interior Ministry issued a notice to clarify inter-city travels for elderly people. Accordingly, people at the age of 65 and above will apply online to local administrations. Accordingly, one person can accompany citizens on their travels and that person will have to be back in 72 hours. Curfews for the elderly will continue in places where the citizens go. The “Travel Permit Document” issued will be valid for a one-way trip.

62,000 elderly apply for travel permission
Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry said some 62,000 people have already applied to get a travel permission as of 11:30 a.m. on May 21. Around 30,000 of them are elderly and the rest are those that want to accompany them on their travel to their hometowns, read the statement issued by the ministry. 

The applications are made through the e-state portal and other online platforms, stressed the ministry.