Mobbing cases on the rise

Mobbing cases on the rise

Hürriyet –ISTANBUL
Mobbing cases on the rise

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Turkey’s mobbing fighters association (MOBBİNGDER) received more than 32,000 complaints in the last two years, generally related to sexual abuse, the head of the association Hüseyin Gün said.

“Mobbing results in the erosion of productivity, motivation, time, mental and physical health as well as healthy organizational operations in the workplace,” daily Hürriyet has reported.

Gün specified that more than 32,000 people complained about mobbing, or harassment, especially in Ankara.

Anywhere from 40 to 110 complaints are received daily. In total 60 percent of complaints stem from woman and 40 percent stem from men, Gün said.

Gün also said that only 10 complaints came from primary school graduates, who work in the manufacturing sector and are therefore exposed to more physical violence and profanity. According to Gün 80 percent of complaints belong to university graduates.

“Lots of victims do not see this process as a whole and do not realize that it is mobbing,” he said.