MİT ‘neutralizes PKK terrorist in Syria’

MİT ‘neutralizes PKK terrorist in Syria’

MİT ‘neutralizes PKK terrorist in Syria’

Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT) has neutralized a PKK terrorist sought for attacks on Turkish armed forces in a neighborhood in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo.

“Ekrem Üstek was neutralized by MİT’s surgical strike in Ayn al-Arab neighborhood,” Demirören News Agency reported on May 15.

According to the agency, Üstek, codenamed “Hayri” in the terror group, served time in the 1990s on charges of “being a PKK member,” “supplying explosives,” “attempted murder” and “kidnapping minors.”

The intelligence units have found out that Üstek, who had planned a bloody attack in Şırnak in 1991, had also taken part in clashes in three eastern districts against the Turkish army between Aug. 8, 2015, and March 9, 2016, known as the “Hendek Operasyonları,” roughly called “Ditch Ops.” It was revealed that he had phone records ordering the death of Turkish soldiers and police officers during the “Ditch Ops.”

“He was neutralized in Ayn al-Arab, where he was hiding,” the agency reported on May 15.

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