Ministry to from ‘national disability program’

Ministry to from ‘national disability program’

Ministry to from ‘national disability program’

The Family and Social Services Ministry has been working on a national plan to help disabled people more and to detect the risks that can cause new disabilities in the future, daily Milliyet has reported.

The name of the program is “Family-based early intervention system for children with disabilities.”

“The ministry will form maps showing ‘risky public,’ ‘risky families’ and ‘risky children.’” The daily wrote on Jan. 18.

Within the scope of the program, officials will analyze such risks concerning local consanguineous marriages, family’s genetic disorders, and lack of nutrition during pregnancy.

The cases of premature births, poverty, migration and bad living conditions will also be monitored.

The ministry aims to reduce risks for disabilities with early diagnosis and interventions, the daily reported.