Minister expects agreement on minimum wage this week

Minister expects agreement on minimum wage this week

Minister expects agreement on minimum wage this week

Labor and Social Security Minister Vedat Bilgin has said the parties involved in the talks to determine the new wage could reach an agreement this week.

The commission, which includes representatives from the labor union Türk-İş, the Turkish Confederation of Employers’ Association (TİSK) and the government held two rounds this month, and the next meeting is scheduled for Dec. 20.

“We will reach an agreement in the minimum wage discussions on Tuesday (Dec. 20). We will agree to a wage which meets workers’ expectations and employers could afford to pay,” Bilgin said.

He noted that in the minimum wage discussions the government could step in to mediate and try to find a midway solution between the workers’ and employers’ sides if the parties fail to reach an agreement.

Neither Türk-İş nor TİSK has made their proposal for the new minimum wage, which should come into force in 2023.

Ergün Atalay, the president of the labor union, previously said they would not accept any offer below 7,785 Turkish Liras, which according to research by Türk-İş is the hunger threshold for a family of four.

The minimum wage was increased by 30 percent to a net of 5,500 Turkish Liras in July. The increase came on top of the 50 percent hike in January, which brought the minimum wage to a net of 4,250 liras.
According to official data, 6 million people, or around 38 percent of all employees, receive minimum wage in Türkiye.